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Know that a tire is low in pressure on your computer or mobile device...even before the driver!

The new VIGIA NM343 integrates tire inflation information with your existing fleet telematics solution. You can now access information on the status of the Vigia Tire Pressure System anywhere in the world from the WEB on any computer or mobile device.

The VIGIA NM343 control module generates the digital information that is transmitted via its interface to the existing vehicle’s satellite module and ultimately to your telematics software.

automatic tire pressure system

VIGIA NM343 incorporates a digital cab-mounted control panel with opto-electronic sensors that provide immediate and full tire re-inflating capability with only a 3 PSI drop in pressure. Its compact and easy to read digital display allows for a simple and aesthetic installation in any vehicle.

central tire inflation

Above all, VIGIA NM343 provides better tire mileage, less down time, better fuel economy and increased safety to the competitive transportation professional.
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