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Progressive Waste Solutions has selected the Vigia Tire Pressure System for the new residential waste collection contract for the City of Surrey, British Columbia.

The City of Surrey is transforming its waste collection process to reduce emissions and divert waste from the landfill.

Under the new contract, residential waste will be collected using new state-of-the-art automated Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) trucks, which emit 23% less carbon emissions and 90% less air particulates, compared to traditional diesel trucks. Studies show, replacing one diesel truck with a CNG truck is the equivalent to taking 475 cars off the road each year. The new services will help residents separate kitchen and yard waste from solid waste by collecting organics separately from garbage, which will help the City meet its 70% waste diversion objective before 2015. In the future,vigia automatic tire pressure
the organic waste will be delivered to the City’s proposed Organics Biofuel facility, which will process it into fuel to power the waste trucks.

The new CNG refuse trucks purchased by Progressive Waste Solutions incorporate a number of new technologies aimed at reducing carbon emissions and increase productivity. All trucks are equipped with Vigia tire pressure system, allowing Progressive Waste Solutions to further increase fuel economy and reduce tire costs.

“It’s important for municipalities to demonstrate and advance new technologies and to help facilitate new ways of reducing waste” says Mayor Dianne Watts. The City manages the collection of residential curb side garbage, recycling and yard waste for approximately 97,000 single-family dwellings each week.

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