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According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, automatic tire inflation systems can save tire maintenance costs and improve fuel economy by nearly 1%, saving 100 gallons of fuel and eliminating one metric ton of greenhouse gas emissions per year.

In a recent survey of combination trucks the EPA found that less than half the tires surveyed were within five percent of the recommended inflation pressure. According to the EPA, even a good tire maintenance program may fall short of its aims. In part, this is because trailer tires have more impact on truck fuel economy than tractor tires.

Despite the importance of keeping trailer tires properly inflated, a fleet may not be able to inspect its trailers regularly. A trailer may be gone from the service yard for extended periods of time while on the road, at a customerís facility or at a drop-off location waiting for a back haul. A fleet may not even own the trailers it hauls, but pick them up from a shipper or third party. These circumstances can place much of the responsibility for checking tire pressure onto drivers. However, one industry survey indicates that only eight percent of truck drivers check tire pressure with a tire gauge before each trip.

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The EPA concludes that the cost of installing an ATI system in a line-haul truck is generally recouped in just over two years through fuel and maintenance cost savings alone. Truck fleets may realize additional savings from reducing the risk of expensive tire failure caused by under inflation.

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