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Vigia Internal System

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Specifically developed for trailers, the VIGIA Internal System can be installed to any trailer configuration and make.
Hollow, solid or reinforced axles can be outfitted with Vigia. Dual tires or super-single tires; even steering and lift trailer axles can have the VIGIA Tire Pressure System.
There is always a Vigia system for any type of trailer, axle or tire combination.



Air to the tires is supplied through conduits inside the axle so no lines are externally visible. The exclusive and durable VIGIA rotating valves are placed outside the hubcap preventing water and other contaminants from entering the hub.
Since pressurized air travels inside the VIGIA lines, there is no pressure building inside the axle or hub nor oil leaking out the hubcap.

Model NM249 is a stand-alone system for trailers.

Model NM248 is a dedicated system for trailers and requires a tractor equipped with VIGIA System.


Leaving steering trailer axles out of automatic tire inflation defeats its purpose. Now, steering trailer axles can be specified with the Vigia Internal System.

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