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In day-to-day commercial vehicle operations, tire costs are taken for granted. Tires rank behind only labor and fuel in the operational cost of doing business.

While tires aren’t cheap, it’s the hidden cost of running tires with improper air pressure that can really hurt a fleet over time.

• Improper inflation accounts for 80% of retread separations, cuts, bruises, flats and blowouts.

• For every 1 PSI of underinflation there is a 0.8% increase in fuel consumption.

• Underinflation of 5 PSI reduces tire life by 25%

• Even without punctures, tires lose two pounds of pressure a month just by air permeating the inner liner. Air also escapes between the bead and wheel, tire valves and valve cores.

• Only 22% of drivers check pressure before each trip, and only 37% of those use a pressure gauge.

• Down time and expenses for tire repairs are estimated at $450 per occurrence.

The VIGIA Automatic Tire Pressure System checks tires automatically while you drive and maintains tire pressure even with a puncture.


Built to Last
VIGIA works by controlling the pressure for all tires mounted on one or more axles. Should tire pressure drop, the system draws air from the trailer's air tank (not from other tires) and feeds it to the proper tire or tires. In the event of an extreme air loss, such as a blow-out, the system's safety valve will shut off all air flow.

The Vigia trailer system can be configured as a stand-alone system –Model NM244- or truck-matched as a dedicated system –Model NM253-.

"We just don't have tire problems anymore. Vigia has given us peace of mind"
- Schooner Transport -

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