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Service, Installation and Operation

At Vigia, we want to make sure that you have all the information necessary for the correct installation, operation and maintenance of your Vigia Tire Pressure Systems. The information provided below attempts to address the most common inquires and situations.

We encourage you to contact us for any further request or concern. You can also visit the Contact page in this website.

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Installation, disassembly, repairs and maintenance of the VIGIA Tire Pressure Systems must be performed only by a certified mechanic with specific knowledge in the installation of VIGIA Systems. Certified mechanic must use proper protective equipment when installing, repairing and maintaining the VIGIA systems.
Trailer axles must be prepared for the VIGIA Tire Pressure System by axle manufacturer according to the specific procedures provided by VIGIA.
Improper installation or use of unauthorized parts can cause malfunctions, loss of tire pressure and other consequences which may result in serious injury or death.
Manufacturer or Distributor will not be responsible for injuries resulting from misuse of equipment, use contrary to operating instructions or installation by any person other than an Authorized Installer.

Sales Brochures

• Internal Systems - pdf – 1.0Mbtire pressureDownload

• External Systems - pdf – 1.1MbCTISDownload

Installation Manuals

• Internal Systems for Trailers – NM249-NM248 - pdf – 2.2MbDownload

• External System for Trucks and Buses –NM253 - pdf – 1.8MbDownload

• External System for Trucks and Buses –NM343 - pdf – 2.3MbDownload

• External System for Trailers NM244—NM253 - pdf – 1.6MbDownload

• Internal System for Trailers - Axle Preparation - pdf – 1.0Mbtire pressure systemDownload

Operation and Maintenance

• NM249-NM248 – User’s Manual - pdf – 0.6MbDownload

• NM253 – User’s Manual - pdf – 1.0MbDownload

• NM343 – User’s Manual - pdf – 0.8MbDownload

• NM244—NM253 – User’s Manual - pdf – 0.6MbDownload

• Maintenance Schedule Internal and External Systems - pdf – 0.2Mbtire pressure systemDownload

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